Heartache and Feelings

You have not the pain  and feelings of injuries and difficulties,

 O, colorful flower,  it shows you have not a heat and emotions and adversities,

Although you are physically present with us, you are not attached with us to feel our thirst,

I have not this type of freedom, indifference and distaste,

In this-worldly garden I am fully in a condition of unfulfilled wishes, mourning, miseries,

And your life and living is the completely filled and joys, happiness and liveliness,

It is not my mission and requirement to pluck you from your branch and wing,

I can not see you without any beauty, or without any charming, 

It is not possible for me to give you even a slight pain,

How I tell you I am not to destroy your colors or stain,

I am not here to solve the complex problems,

I am here to enjoy your rhythm with the nightingale eyes,

You are silent, although you know hundreds of languages,

What is the concealed secret which you hidden deeply in yours? 

One thing is common between me and your,

We both are away from our own garden and enclosure,

But you are composed and satisfied, and I am confused and scattered like aroma and smell,

I am living continuously in searching of unknowns, unseen, concealed, invisible and infinitesimal,

Wishing this worry, uncertainty headache and heart pain not be composed and dissolved,

This liver like pain, uneasiness, distress and perplexity must not be end and finished,

This concern, woe, irritation, apprehension and disturbance must not be fulfilled,

This will be the death and stop of curiosity to find the new galaxies of the world,

This search is the life of me, I will be no more if I leave the exploration and pursuing,

Listen,  this search is the life and growth of mind , brain, heart and soul, every thing.



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