Mountainous Emerges, The Clouds

My residence is in the skies, at the top ever

Me, the mountainous emerges, the great clouds, spread flowers,

Every deserts, Every inhabited, my habitats, my dwelling,

Mine all, bleakness, blessedness, sea and land, surroundings,

If I accept to sleep in a  mountain and valley,

greens or vegetation becomes the tapestry,

Sparking and lightning is planted in me,

Reveal the blessing and the shower to the different lands and sea,

If farmer and harvester are short of water,

I fulfill the thirst , and spread the happiness there,

I spread like the shining hairs on the beautiful face,

The cool and attractive air comb and smooth giving grace,

I create and increase the crave from a distance,

I leave away silently without showering on land face,

During the wandering, when I come to the peak,

Rain, till the canals and streams having the seek,

I am the hope for the agriculture and greenery,

I am the life, and  provision to every visionary,

I convert the small pools into rivers and streams, flood,

I teach the quiet birds to sing, beautiful songs, ballad,

I said to the dull greenery, be green and shine, it glow,

I give the face of the flowers, a smiling face, at one blow,

It is my blessing in the deserts and mountains,

there spreads the huts and shelters of wanders.havens.





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