Once a mountain talked to a squirrel,

Squirrel, be ashamed and drown herself,

Herself, a tiny animal but amazingly proud,

Proud for what, knowledge, understanding,?

Understanding that nothing, presuming become something?,

Something aware-less, shows awareness and mannered?,

Mannered, but how much in front of my greatness?,

Greatness is for mine, and earth is just low and inferior and poor,

Poor animal has no qualities as compare to my  big presence and bulk,

Bulky mountain, shut your mouth and control your tongue,squirrel said,

Said she, these are the just raw talks, remove them from your heart,

Heart of you must not be so narrow, if i am small what matter to me?,

Me is small animal and you are not like me small, be thoughtful,

Thoughtful that God born and created all and every thing,

Things are created with different purposes and wisdom,

Wisdom that something is small and something is large,

Large you created but I am  taught to climb the trees and heights,

Heights,  but you can not move a single step and just fixed,

Fixed and large only is your quality, what else greatness?,

Greatness if then show me any craft more than me,

Me can break the leaves of trees, show me if you break it,

It is fact there is nothing bad and worst in the world,

World is correct and fully well and there is no evil at all.


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