Spider and Fly

Spider said the fly as she nearby flying,

come to me for some rest and lying,

you give pleasure to others and non-acquaintance,

It is not justice on your side to this friendliness,

My pleasure and honor if you get in,

Ladder is here in front for your attention,

Reply the fly after heard the  spider,

Give the mislead to some foolish rider,

Fly is not that innocent to come to your net,

No one would descend after entering your hut,

You looked me as fraud and deceit, said spider,

In the whole world no one be as you immature,

I offer you for just your sake and approval,

In response, I want no advantage and appraisal,

You came here flying from some far where,

What is wrong if you stay in my home somewhere,

Several thing are here to show you and amaze ,

From outside although look small house,

Here are fine curtains over doors,

Walls are mirror decorated, and colors,

Bed rest available for guests,

Which is not available to all nests,

All is there, but do not hope to me, said the bee,

And not expect for me  to that come in the aerie,

I pray the God to save me from resting here,

One if rest here never arise there,

How would she be trap, thought the spider,

She was wise, what would be planning to trap her,

Praise is the solution of hundreds of work,

To whom see is the slave of praise and lurk,

He thought and said, you are given a big standard,

Pretty you and loving to you hundred,

Who looks you once a while, shining eyes like diamond sparking,

Cresting head decorated looks, how much beauty, beautiful covering,

When heard the praise, the fly lost her heart,

Said, you are so good, I have no danger, you honest,

Refusing is a bad habit near me, hence accepted,

Breaking your heart is very wrong to miscalculated,

Said that and fly towards the spiders hut,

As she came in the range the spider caught it,

He was hungry from many days,

He enjoyed and finish the hunger of days.




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