Mother’s Dream

Saw a dream in a night,

Anxiety increased on the sight,

In dream I am on the way to somewhere,

Deep darkness there and no path where,

Great fear making my ever chilled,

Difficult and impossible to move forward,

Gathered some courage and moved on the time ,

Suddenly saw some boys moving in a line

They were wearing fancy clothes and bands,

Having burning lights in their hands,

Quietly going in a row,

God know where were they go,

In the mean time I looked my son,

He was in that row quite and bow,

He was walking slowly and at the behind,

Lamp was not burning in his hand,

I said to him , My dear soul, son,

Where are you here after leaving me alone

Without you I live in a deep grief of separation,

Tears and tears every time in your commemoration,

Said, you left us and did not do any care ,

Is it faithful, to give the separation for ever,

The child turned his face and reply,

He was not looking me, and sorrowfully,

You weep in my separation and death ,

Nothing is better in it for me any bit,

He silent for some while damp,

Said me after show the lamp,

You understand what happened to the burning of lamp,

Your tear have quench its fire and create the bump.




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