I sold 10000 copies of my book

I consider it is of valuable.

Success Inspirers' World

I could not believe it was happening to me. But it was.

I sold ten thousand copies of my book in one year.

You may think this is not much; and indeed, it isn’t; if you come from a country with people who read.

I don’t.

In my country reading is not a priority. People have different priorities. It is often said jokingly of course, though it is true to some extent, that if you want to hide something from my people, you put it in a book. Chances are it will never be seen.

Hence, outside school books that must be bought because they are compulsory for students, other books do not sell that much. Writers do not have a good chance of making money through their works.

Yet, my book that is a non-school book has sold more then ten thousand copies.  That is an achievement that merits…

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