January 13, 2015

Today’s work out:
Today was the rainy day. A slow but steady and continue rain started after lunch, and there is still drizzling at 8 pm. A very cool and penetrating breeze is blowing and spreading throughout the atmosphere.
Today I had to go to a doctor. There were sitting other patients and waiting for their tern to meet the doctor.
During that waiting, some were sharing their personal experiences about different diseases.
One person told that once he was met a urine problem and he could not urinate. He had to hospitalize and was in swear pain. In the meantime a sweeper was working there and cleaning the floor. After knowing the reason of pain the sweeper took him to washroom and said him to stand bare footed in front of water tap. The water tap then opened and the cold water began to flowing on his bare feet. There was an unexpected result that his urine was unblocked within minutes without any pain.


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