Extraordinary boy

Today during a general talk, a friend suddenly talked about his children. He said that out of his four children one is more near and dear to him. That child is about eighteen years.
The reasons he told that when ever he returns to home that child opens the door. When any other his child open the door he understands that that boy is not at home. If he would be at home then that boy might not give the opportunity to any one else to open the door. Secondly when he ask that boy to do something he never wait for a single second and obey his order. Thirdly, when he asks his other son to do something and that other delay even some seconds then that boy will himself stand up and do the work. Fourthly, when that boy is asked to do something he will definitely complete that task and over come all and every problem in the way of task. He said that his son is an extraordinary boy.


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