Step Forward

Today I was reading an interesting book. In this book the author shared some new facts and give historical   examples.

He pointed out that  almost at every big event three things are happened. That are;

  1. it spread quickly,
  2. it spread suddenly,
  3. it spread unexpectedly.

He gave the example of a shoes brand. The market of this brand was almost nil. It had no advertizement. Suddenly the shoe company noticed that the demand of its shoes increased in the market and the began to take notice of its brand. The company thought itself that some community started to use its shoes and after seeing them a vast majority began to use and spread the news their-self to the whole city and around their.

The author gave another example of the crime rate in a city. There was a high rate of almost all type of crimes. The people were used to return to their homes before the fall of night for their safety. It was suddenly happened that the crime rate decreased to very low without any apparent reason.

The author said that there was a Tipping Point.  When that Tipping Point is reached, a sudden and quick and unexpected change occurred. This Tipping Point works with the same famous 80:20 Rule. That is 80 % work is done by only or less than 20 % activities.

The point to remember is always keep trying and remain in the stream. It is always possible that a turning point is reached.



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