Do not just look for things to only inspire you positively. Look for things to enrage you, that will inspire a passion inside of you. Find ways to extract and express that passion without lashing out at others. Simple-minded, wounded people lash out at others to protect themselves. Let yourself be unprotected. Be vulnerable and you will have nothing left to protect, nothing left to lash out against. Be open to being wrong. Let yourself be wrong. Be wrong all the time! Let yourself be insecure. Be insecure all the time! This means you’re growing. You’re learning. You’re expanding.

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People will tell you what you want to hear in order to gain your favor. They will spit at you tired clichés and pats on the back in the form of words you’ve heard a million times before and you’ll walk away feeling momentarily soothed. You won’t be any worse off, really, by listening to people who will simply repeat back to you axioms that do nothing but put a band-aid over your wounds. It will feel airy, light, at first. You will feel that comfortable settling in your bones which tells you that you’re alright for now, you’ve staved off another day of having to confront yourself. People will try to save you from your own healing. People will try to circumvent your process in order to get you to like them. People will fluff up advice that sounds good in theory, but tends to run…

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