I am a public speaking expert, and I think the following points will assist you:

1. Don’t approach people aimlessly. Have a purpose for the meeting.
2. Set priority of what to discuss in the meeting.
3. Remove anxiety, just do it; put on boldness and get out there for the meeting.
4. Smile and be friendly; a friendly smile puts the other person at ease.
5. Eye-to-eye contact is essential. Look the person directly in the eyes.
5. Greet and seek first to listen; it will help you to achieve a safe starting point for your conversation.
6. Focus on the other person. Asking interesting things about them gives you a good image before them.
7. If you are meeting for business purposes, have some business cards with you. Give out the business cards and wait for response.
8. Get help from your friends who have confidence in meeting people.
9. Like any skill, socializing takes practice. Keep doing it, and you will get better at it.
10. Finally, participate in public speaking programs so as to continue to boost your morale.

It is never too late to start all over. If you are not happy with yesterday, try something different today. Do better.


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