Application of Best time chosen Calculated hit.



Every somewhat deep thought is itself shared with the people surrounding. A sensitive person can easily pick that thought. If your thoughts are negative types, the people around will convert to negative  themselves.  Some examples and experiments…
1. Think about love /hate /praise /critical /pray /curse, etc towards a person present. In reverse he will show the same behavior against you. Remember that you only thought and not told.
2. During talking with your friends,  definitely you have observed that what you are going to say , someone else will say the same thing before you.
3. You think about a forgotten  friend and the same day you meet that person unexpectedly.
4. On the ringing of telephone bell a thought about a person is flashed in your brain, and then you know that there is the same person on telephone.

You can sharp your telepathic quality by more focusing and mindfulness about this gift of your  Creater.

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7 Ways People Can Tell You’re Nervous From Your Body Language

What will say a body language expert if a person is basically shy and capture of loneliness?

If a person is speaking truly but he has no courage to see in the eyes of the opponent?

If a person is correct but his use of words and his speaking style is of hesitant?

Body language is a very good body science to reveal the truth but some persons are of such a nature that whatever they say no person ever trust on them and never give any importance to them. 



Source: 7 Ways People Can Tell You’re Nervous From Your Body Language