7 Ways People Can Tell You’re Nervous From Your Body Language

What will say a body language expert if a person is basically shy and capture of loneliness?

If a person is speaking truly but he has no courage to see in the eyes of the opponent?

If a person is correct but his use of words and his speaking style is of hesitant?

Body language is a very good body science to reveal the truth but some persons are of such a nature that whatever they say no person ever trust on them and never give any importance to them. 



Source: 7 Ways People Can Tell You’re Nervous From Your Body Language


Mindful People Have Less Belly Fat

A new study shows that people with mindful dispositions are less likely to be obese

Source: Mindful People Have Less Belly Fat

Extra thinking is the route cause of many diseases including Belle Fat and obesity.

be happy

Life is not easy.

You crushed again and again.

You misbehaved by stupid persons without any reason.

You are surrounded by animals in the getup of human.

Frustrated beasts deals you with their shallow nature.

Your rights are crushed.

Faults of other are loaded on you.

In spite of all, don’t worry.

No one can take your life before your death time.

No one can shorten your well being against the will of Allah, the Almighty.

Always be happy, and trust on Allah, and live with deep faith.

What Makes A Good Leader? The Basic Matters!!!!!

A Leader is always and everywhere a leader. His leadership is shown itself whether he is in a small group of persons or in a big gathering, rather if he is alone he will be well managed. The most important trait of a leader is that he is a brave personality. Then he must be mature and sensible person. Give respect to others and at the same time take care of his own respect. He has a clear Big Goal for the whole society specially the persons to whom he is leading.

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Do your employees bring their A-game to the workplace?

Head’s up: We’re about to drop some mind-blowing news.

Life is a game, and you’re either scoring buzzer-beater shots or sitting the bench.

So, if life is a game and we have to score on a regular basis to make progress, you better be thinking offense, right?  Well, not exactly.  Defense wins ball games. That, and solid preparation. And good coaching. Rebounding? Okay, so there are several aspects to consider…..

I’m going to take this moment to forego speaking in metaphorical talk and get down to how this applies to leadership at work—it doesn’t really matter if you’re in a managerial position trying to develop potential talent or a newbie in the trenches. It all applies.

Confidence: Fake it till you make it! Nobody wants an insecure leader or employee. If you don’t know what you’re doing, act like you know…

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I am a public speaking expert, and I think the following points will assist you:

1. Don’t approach people aimlessly. Have a purpose for the meeting.
2. Set priority of what to discuss in the meeting.
3. Remove anxiety, just do it; put on boldness and get out there for the meeting.
4. Smile and be friendly; a friendly smile puts the other person at ease.
5. Eye-to-eye contact is essential. Look the person directly in the eyes.
5. Greet and seek first to listen; it will help you to achieve a safe starting point for your conversation.
6. Focus on the other person. Asking interesting things about them gives you a good image before them.
7. If you are meeting for business purposes, have some business cards with you. Give out the business cards and wait for response.
8. Get help from your friends who have confidence in meeting people.
9. Like any skill, socializing takes practice. Keep doing it, and you will get better at it.
10. Finally, participate in public speaking programs so as to continue to boost your morale.

It is never too late to start all over. If you are not happy with yesterday, try something different today. Do better.

The Connection Between Peanut Allergies and Asthma

The Connection Between Peanut Allergies and Asthma

Peanut brown thin covering may be useful to prevent the peanut allergy. It is my opinion. may be wrong or right. but test it.


A new study suggests that kids with asthma may have a peanut allergy, or be sensitive to peanuts, and not know it.

Dr. Robert Cohn, medical director of Pulmonary Medicine at Dayton Children’s Hospital and his team studied 1,517 children who went to a pulmonary clinic at Mercy Children’s Hospital in Toledo, Ohio, for respiratory problems and left with a confirmed diagnosis of asthma. Interestingly, among these children, about 11% knew they had a peanut allergy. Many of the children in the study came back to the clinic and had a blood test to screen them for peanut allergies, and of that group, 22% tested positive.

The researchers then found that more than half of the 22% of kids who came back positive did not suspect that they had any allergy or sensitivity to peanuts, suggesting it may be something that those who work with children with asthma may want…

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